Sell All Button

343 desperately needs to implement a “sell all button” so you can quickly disperse of unwanted req cards. I for one do not play warzone and I sell everything I get out of the packs that I open. I only keep things related to Arena and I buy the packs in hopes of receiving armour or emblems which 70% of the time I’m let down because the helmets are all ugly. Uglier than Heinz. He’s ugly. So please, 343… Add a sell all button so I don’t have to spam X + A 50 times to sell my rea cards.



“Sell all” and “sell x amount” please


Not it sure this is the best place for this but hopefully it is noticed!

Agreed there should be a “sell x amount” button, but also a warning message if you are trying to sell your rare or better req cards! I’d be so pissed if I accidentally sold all of my scorpions on accident lol.


Sell all or Sell X amount would be awesome indeed. But I would also like to be able to see how many of said cards before I decide to sell one after opening a REQ pack.
For example I want to stack up to 10 cards of Ghosts but I don’t always remember how many I’ve used after some games.
This would save me the trouble of going over to my collection just to “clean up” frequently.

completely agree. especially once btb is here i will have no reason to play warzone at all.

Please add this in the next update …

All they really need is a ‘Keep card’ option and then a ‘Sell remaining’

You know like Fifa has shown works for many years :slight_smile:

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> Uglier than Heinz. He’s ugly.


On a serious note, I agree with this completely we need to be able to sell stacks or sell all. a “Lock” function would be good too so we can protect items that we don’t want rid of.

This would be a great!

Haha, agreed. I only keep my Snipers for Warzone but everything else I sell.

Yes please…

Too many times I’ll have a ton of the same garbage item I don’t need, and it wouldn’t be that hard to implement.

I’ll add my name to the petition for a Sell All/X-amount of REQ cards.