'Select' is the worst map of all time. Ever.

There are at least 3 instant kill barriers that you are given no warning about. There is one not 40 feet off the ground. You can use half a Jetpack’s fuel to get there, and there isn’t even a warning.

The second and third are on the bottom level, just below the man cannon. Again, you cant tell where they are.

In a completely pointless response, I went 17-1 on this is Doubles today. So I’m a fan. But I presume this is the old Renegade of small team slayer?

I agree completely. they need to fix these maps. You should never hit a hard barrier in a normal game of play, without going through a soft barrier first, unless it is below the map

Can’t get much worse than Swordbase.

> Can’t get much worse than Swordbase.

The MO of sword base is to camp.

I mean “base” is in the name afterall.

IMO i actually enjoy it alot. If the spawns were evened out it would be a tight map.

Select is a really great map. The only reason you think it’s horrible is because now your precious jetpack doesn’t work.

That and Select has a hiding spot that you can go into where stupid HLGers can go and stay there the whole damn game.

This was brought up a few days ago and I’ve looked into it. Here is a link to my post about remedying the situation.

I’ve gone into the version of the map that is in the Doubles playlist in Forge and been able to establish that there are two problematic hard kill boundaries. They are placed over the structures on the right and left of the map and they extend a little too far down these structures to be considered ‘correct’.

I actually don’t think they should be replaced with Soft kill boundaries as this would give anyone with the jetpack a hugely dominant map position for close to 10 seconds. All that needs to be done is to raise them slightly so they sit flush against the roof of each structure and then have a soft kill around the edge of the structure as a warning. I have already made this modification and I’m now looking into pushing the modified version of the map towards the Community Cartographers so they in turn can push it in the direction of the 343i Matchmaking sustain team.

The lower hard kill boundary you refer to covers the death pit in the center of the map. It is called a death pit for a reason. You die if you enter it. (Fairly logical.) I’ll look into placing a soft kill at the very top of the pit for the first coordinate, but nowhere beyond that, as this will make the death pit into a ‘kind of alive pit’ which doesn’t have the same ring to it.

And in response to your original statement (thread title); don’t be silly. A few overly-zealous hard kill boundaries does not suddenly make Select “the worst map of all time. Ever.” That is just a ridiculous thing to say. It is a perfectly fine and balanced map with many strongpoints which outweigh the “I can’t camp on the roof with my jetpack” argument.