Seems to me that multiplayer is even worse than before

I don’t know, I’m playing on og Xbox one so probably that’s doing its part, but right now ranked it’s just unplayable, way worse than before, sometimes I’m not even sure I’m gettin stable 30 fps, desync, lagging and hit consistency are just so annoying. At least before I was having kind of fun, but right now I don’t think I’m gonna play ranked until things get better with a patch. Also I was one of the lucky to not have problem with btb, and now that’s broken too. I think I’ll stick with my laso run for now, surely that’s less frustrating.

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I have played a few ranked games this evening and they’ve all been playable except one game which had massive desync and lag. We lost and luckily the XP loss bugged as well so it didn’t hurt too badly.

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If you’re on the original 2013 Xbox One, then desync and lag are the least of your concerns.

The sub 30fps is the biggest determining factor in your case.


Yeah I know, but as I said in this days it’s worse than ever for me, at least before I was still able to play decently even on 30 fps, but for a couple of days it just feels so awkward and wrong.

it is more laggy than before, at least for me

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OG Xbox One is unplayable in MP.

I only play when I can borrow my roommate’s Series X because of the difference 4x the frames makes.

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Yeah I’m sure the difference it’s huge, but until I can get my hands on a series x I only have that option. Still I managed to get almost to diamond 3, and that for me wasn’t that bad.

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You should stop playing until XSX is available or on sale one day, and then you might have complete game instead of the half-finished product that is now full of mistakes.
I used to use og xboxone to pass a 30fps shooting game,It’s a disaster for my eyes. For your health, stop playing.
OGXBOX has comfort in MCC
I was playing with XSX, but hesitated I didn’t have a high refresh display I was forced to play 60fps against 150-180fps PC players, and the ranking mechanics were frustrating, so I stopped playing too.

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Yeah, i feel you man

I’m on a 120hz monitor, low ping gigabit connection, Series X, and I’m an Onyx in Crossplay…

For the last couple days, at least, the desync issues have been far worse. It has been noticed by multiple friends as well.

I’ve been consistently hitting mid 50s to low 60s on accuracy and not being able to make many kills. It’s as if my 5 headshots do nothing. Also loads of non registered backsmacks/melees. Even grenades that explode right beneath an enemy do little to no damage.

This has always been present, but in the last week it’s been far worse.

I’ve dropped in Solo/Duo from Diamond 6 to Diamond 3 in 2 days because games are unwinnable all of a sudden.

Desync in this game is atrocious right now.

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I agree 100%
This is my exact experience

And thing looks even worse when playing on split-screen

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Thats why I’ve stopped playing this game for now

It becomes a source of annoyance and frustration

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