Seems like the moderators don't want to try to help with my problem

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I don’t know if this a moderators problem to solve gamer. Are you banned from Reddit and Twitter? because like Ske7ch says the community is already there, where you can’t find the conversation for it too more sites and servers exist then the main one.

I want to shamelessly plug my communities but if you got banned and your threads are getting locked it might be a you problem.

sorry i mentioned it in my post, but it’s from the Discord server.

idk i’m just lost with what i can do now as i can’t get any help and discord is one of the few ways i could find people to play with whether i was playing PC or console

To find people to play, I can recommend you join a few Discord servers.

r/Halo has their own Discord server, but I won’t give the mod team there the trouble you might be coming with. A few other servers I recommend though

  • (Most active customs server)
  • (This is probably my favorite one)
  • (more for BTB/Arena players)
  • (not super active but I like them)

If you join any of these and act out of line, you would have definitely earned the ban and I would hope its never repealled. Good luck!