seems I got a ban for putting down controller

I have been redirected here from Xbox after specking to them over the phone. my problem is yesterday after noon about 4pm I received a temperedly bam
when playing halo 4 without reason, warning, or length of ban.

mystified I looked it up on line to see what hell was going on.
it seems to have been for putting my controller down and levering it unattended.

had not idea what so ever this was a problem let alone something you could get a ban for. from what I have read these’s bans are to enforce fair play. but in the same interest of fair play, I be given a warning that I am doing something wrong.

I feel I have been branded a cheat unfairly

I am not even that into multiply player you just got to look at my gaming stats to see that (give me campaign any day of the week)

I have played all the halo games and always just put my controller down when taking a break or a phone call this has never happen to me before in any game.

this kind banning needs to be addressed

please reply

I suggest you post in this thread: