Seeking strong active team

Hello, to who it may concern; I am an above average Platinum player. I’m 22 years old. I play anywhere from 3 to 10 hours a day. Finding it difficult to consistently win Arena playlists when I’m alone. With the right team, I’m sure rank will become irrelevant. I have good map awareness, pretty good with callouts and I’m a heavy hitter. My K/D is important, so I try my best to make the smartest plays for myself and the team. I’m hoping to provide myself as a strong member for a group and just generally be included.

On a side note, I have interest and the means to attend the HCS in Vegas this coming November. If anyone else who is strongly considering this, or actively planning for this, I could assist with that endeavor. Thanks for taking the time to read this and keep fighting, Spartan.

–Nouvah Legend

CSSN Sacred Solitude is actively recruiting now!

1). To join the Combined States of Sanghelios, you must reach the following requirements:

  • Be twelve years old and above (exceptions can be made). - Be prepared to take orders. - Behave in a mature way and follow laws. - Play as a Sangheili.(For the Halo Reach Fleet)
    2). Send someone on the Chain of Command list a message requesting to join. Their gamertags are listed for ease.
    Supreme Commander - Sada Vahroee
  • Vespa Mortim

​3). Wait for a message and do what it tells you to.