Seeking Spartan Ops Missions with Lots of Watchers

The only “Kill X amount of Enemy Y” achievement I don’t yet have is the one for killing 1,000 Watchers. According to the progress tracker on this site, I have 88% complete.

Now, I know right away that Spartan Ops missions tend to have a lot more of the buggers than Campaign levels, but I need help figuring out which S-Ops missions have a lot of Watchers in them. IIRC, Chapter 9 Mission 3 and Chapter 10 Mission 4 do (do they?), but which other S-Ops missions have large numbers of Watchers to help me get from 880 to 1,000?

Episode 5 Chapter 1 has the most, which is 40 on easy or normal. It’s also the hardest chapter in the entire of Spartan Ops.

Any other S-Ops missions with high Watcher numbers? I really don’t wanna play E5C1 a bunch of times if I can avoid it.