Seeking Players for Halo Master Chief Collection

Greetings my gamertag is BigThe milk i am looking for players interested in playing a variety of custom games in the master chief collection (zombies, capture the flag, etc). I’m looking for laid back people who just enjoy the fun of the game in their spare time. Feel free to add me if you have a mic and are interested.

Hey man if you are interested in joining a community of players on Halo:MCC check out
We have a lot of members who love customs and tend to hop in those types of games whenever we get large groups online.

How is this going just curious I am on often and would like to play some custom games with people maybe stream a little or whatever

GT: paradLse (that’s an “L” between the “d” and the “s”)

Custom games players wanted.

Add MessyWiper420 and message " Halo MCC add me"