Seeking Group to join, better than average

You can dig into my stats to see if I meet your group’s standards. My K/D is 1.6 in MM. I am looking for a well-established group to join that already has it’s -Yoink- together.

I would prefer if the group was focused on Halo but it’s not required. I play for fun but I will play to win every match I’m in.

I just want to play with fun people that aren’t dead serious about rules and such but can still be competetive.

TG you need not reply in this as I feel I would not fit in to that particular group.

Ok this is starting to sound like a POF profile so I’m gonna wrap it up lol.

Looking for Halo clan/group that likes to get serious and has a fair sized roster so there’s always people on to play with.

Drop a comment below or send me a message on xbox.

Hey Zoom - I would definitely recommend swinging by Outcast Reborn and checking us out. Whether you are interested in finding a permanent home via membership, or simply just looking for some people to play with it’s hard to go wrong with OcR. Putting the look and functionality of our forums aside, we are a pretty laid back group of gamers (all 18+) that are highly social.

We are focused on halo, with our busiest nights being Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. That said, you can find an OcR party playing either MM or customs most evenings. I’ve called that place home for over 4 years now, and am looking forward to another 4 plus.

I hate doing the copy/paste deal in these - it seems so impersonal - but I’ll be lazy and add this last section since it’s so nicely formatted already…

> If you’re into cool site features, be sure to check out our game and forum Leaderboards, Party Up Section to setup future games, or the Who’s Online tool see which members are online right now.

I’ll leave it at that for the moment, as I know some of these intro posts can get a bit long-winded. Hope to see you around soon. I’ll follow up via XBL.