Seeking forgers to help with Machinima set designs

Hello all,

I hope this is not breaking any rules. But, simply put, I am looking for forgers who are willing and interested in helping built sets for some Halo 5 machinima projects I have in development. Halo 5 forge is cool, however, for me as someone with a small knowledge on its capabilities, I’m looking for people who have a good grasp with it. It also is a lot for me to try and balance with work, college, and other projects.

I am a visual person by nature, so guides and look books are put together for projects to help in the designing and world building. Building beautiful set pieces for me, helps to guide the immersion. I guess the one must would be, having a good knowledge of ways to manipulate objects and pieces to make a better set. Please feel free to DM me or shoot me some maps you’ve created so I can have a look.