Seeking Enlistment!

Our clan prefers Halo players with a fair amount of experience, but as long as you’re interested in joining, you’ll be accepted into The Age of Oppression. As a member, we do require that you be active, respectful, and friendly. As we are just beginning to become active, we intend to become a competitive group in the future. We will mainly play competitive arena, but are not completely restricted to those types of games; Infection, Warzone assault, and many fun, custom games would be things our clan will play very often as well. In competitive arena, we do require everyone to call-out and “try hard”-everything else we play will not have any particular set of rules to them. To enlist in our clan, you’ll have to message FifthStar KC or JPDaMichelinMan to be accepted in the Age Of Oppression. Again, as long as you’re interested in joining, we’ll gladly enlist you.

Good luck and see you on the battlefield spartan.

Age of Oppression