Seeking advice from skilled Dominion players.

I know that Dominion isn’t always around, but I was really hoping that I could get any and all advice that players have for being successful in the Dominion gametype.

B is the most important base to control. If you can control B, it is much easier to take A or C if the enemy has them because the enemy players will be split, unable to effectively support each other’s bases at the same time.

Similarly, if you control A and B or B and C, it is much easier to go back and forth between those two bases, defending them both. Teammates in one base can more quickly make it to another base to support it if necessary.

For most games, controlling two bases ought to be enough, and going after the third will usually cause your team to be spread a little too thin, in turn causing one of your bases to be overrun while you’re away. (However, if the enemy appears to have left their one and only base deserted, attempting to capture it could be a useful distraction.)

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You’ve pretty much just listed my entire Dominion strategy, it should be super easy if you do this with friends but trying it with randoms is just hell.