See others armor

I know Halo isn’t known for very good lobbies and matchmaking but I mean cmon. We all bust -Yoink- to get req points and sweet armor and we can’t show it off in lobbies or be jealous of anyone else’s? You have spartan companies grinding to get the achellies armor but no one will notice but your friends who will more than likely have it also

These Lobbies are better than Destiny Lobbies trust me on that! But I do understand and totally agree with your statement.

agreed, there needs to be lobbies. Whats the point in stances? your the only one who will ever see it. All these armor unlocks are just to show off, so lets be able to show them off. Seems pointless to even choose colors, your only ever seen in red or blue.

While not what you are asking for, you can see armor post match in the stats. It really doesn’t matter to me, as you can see all armors in play.

I don’t understand everyone’s need to have a Yoink-measuring contest. Nobody should be “jealous” because you had a more lucky gold pack than someone else. If you really feel the need to compare, you can see armor in the carnage report following the game.