See Challenges During Game

As a player of Halo Infinite, I wish I could see my current challenges during a game. This would be especially useful when I know I’ve completed a challenge and would like to know if another could also be completed during said match.

Maybe I’m dumb and not seeing it, but this would be a nice enhancement. Keep it up devs. Love the game so far.


No it’s a solid idea. MCC does it, seems like an obvious and silly thing not to carry over. Also, how about a challenge tracker that pops up in-game, yknow, just like MCC does?

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To add to this, if challenges weren’t “essentially” the only way to level up the Battle Pass it would be less of an issue.

That design choice set aside, it would be awesome to know if I should pick up the sword knowing that if I get into a good situation to use it, I would also complete a challenge.