Section7Elite Open Recruiting

The UNSC has been shattered by the events of Halo and the war with the Covenant and Forerunners. Small divisions have assembled in various parts of the Universe. Section 7 is a special operations unit commanded under the order of TCxINSANITYx117. That would be me. Security and resources have become a huge problem for smaller divisions. I have set out on a campaign, searching the nearby planets and colonies for Spartans to help support his cause. Its survival of the fittest. The strong will prevail. Join Section 7 and unite your efforts with your brothers in arms. Dedication to the cause is a must when it comes to being part of our Elite group. Together, we can conquer the Universe, putting our imprint on history. Forging our own paths as one, creating an unstoppable force. If you have what it takes, enlist today and take part in the spoils of sweet victory. Hope to see you out there Spartan.