Section V is looking for agents

Section V is a clan where we train new players wanting to improve their skills and where we refine old veterans’ skills. Meetings are not mandatory due to the fact that most people have a hard time devoting a specific time to gaming(real life catches people by surprise). After meetings we have game nights where as long as we have been around, we have been having a lot of fun. Our members quarrel with each other very little, our clan is very opinionated. Members and Officers receive equal attention when it comes to their ideas. Also people who have soared high above the rest of the clan can become Cipher Agents, these members are in control of a branch of our clan where they have control over at least 30 members at a time. And they can constantly grow. On our website you will find Q&A forums that will aid you every step of the way in rising in the clan ranks. We accept all kinds of players: new players, old players, young-aged, old-aged (in relative to gaming age). Feel free to send me a message, GT: SC Snowside. Also please contact us at our website with your questions, suggestions, comments, or any other kinds of interests you have.

There is no question or suggestion I wont take into consideration.

Just P.M. You Waiting on reply

Wow you have quite the record my man, your members would do well to listen to you!

im new and i want join :D! GT: radeon9900 Lieutenant Level 2 tnx

I never really though about claning up, but after looking everything over me thinks I’ll give it a shot. My GT is WarlordInExile, send me a message over xbox live if there is a spot I could attempt to fill.

Ive been playing halo for a while and never joined a clan but this sounds like fun. Id join if you send me an invite. IGN: AdvisingNumber

I’ll send you guys a friend request, but also for the members of Section V to become more familiar with you guys and also so they can find you more easily I reccomend signing up on the site.

Also just to add some additional information, We are becoming good friends with Dropshock Brigade and once we have met the lifespan requirements we will be able to make an alliance with them.