section 3 news

where is it? completed spec ops and to unlock armor it says go to way point and look for section 3 news. help please.

Same i am also having this problem

I can’t find the Section 3 News that Waypoint refers to either.

Yea idk where to find this “section 3 NEWS” anywhere. I want to get my armor soon

here it is :wink:

Wait what? I dont get what to do with that picture.

that doesnt give you the helmet i dont think

what about the helmet? its only the shoulders, body and oni emblem

I entered the first code and it didn’t give me anything, even though I’ve done land grab

All the codes worked for me but I don’t have the helmet :frowning:

You do Oni first, and you then do raider 1 and 2.

What if you did raider 1 and 2 before oni, is it over to get the helm then?

You have to have oni in first to access raider 1 (Shoulder pieces) and Raider 2 (Torso), other people are still trying to decode wiseguy and helmet glyph codes.

> here it is :wink:

Where did you find those??? I have been looking everywhere

And what order do you put them in on Waypoint?

Also if you got to the Home Page on Waypoint click on the 1 with the quesiotn mark there are 2 pictures with symbols on them too. What do they mean?

Strange… I have entered both Raider codes and completed the required SO missions, yet it says I do not meet the requirements.

Really want that Raider Helmet

x British Guy x you have to enter Oni first thats how I got it when I received the first time.

For the helmet we need to clear Chapter 3 first…

For Every one trying to figure out section 3 news, its a trick. Section 3 is Oni, ie intell. So you are looking for classified files etc. Like the images titles ? with the glyphs on them.