Secondary Weapons?

So I’m just wondering, after they gave us that great weapon trailer, what other weapons will be out there? Is that all the UNSC has to offer? What secondary weapons will we see in Halo 4? So far the trailer only showed one secondary weapon, the magnum. I’m really hoping that we’ll have more choices in our load outs then just that. I know its the UNSC sidearm of choice but there are other guns out there that fit the role of a secondary weapon. Then what is a primary weapon? What is a secondary weapon? Leaving power aside, because we got a lot of crazy alien tech out there, it really comes down how you use/shoot it. A weapon you have to fire from the shoulder is a primary weapon (rifle/shotgun/ect.) and a weapon that is hand held is a secondary weapon (handgun)… another way to think of that is could you dual wield it? (yes I know we cant dual wield in Halo 4 :P) If its too large to dual wield then its a primary weapon, if you can dual then its a secondary weapon. (strangely enough a needler should have been dual wield :P) So then, what does that leave us with? The Magnum, and the Sticky Detonator… that doesn’t seem like a lot to me. I know that we’ll also have covenant and forerunner weapons too, but there has to be a few more? And I’m thinking that the UNSC is going to have more secondary weapons to offer then just those two. Maybe the submachine gun, and the ODST Socom? Just a thought? :smiley:

Magnum, Plasma Pistol, Boltshot.

I’m hoping there is going to be more diversity then just one UNSC, one covenant, one forerunner… :confused:

> <mark>Magnum, Plasma Pistol, Boltshot</mark>.

I’m pretty sure it was confirmed we only get three, these, but since the Grav Hammers been confirmed and if its just scavanged Brute equipment the spiker could have been a side arm. Oh well.

well there’s always the “flame pistol” and the Promethean sub machine gun that could also be sidearms/secondaries

I’d like there to be at least one more but I doubt it will happen, 343 might surprise us though.

> well there’s always the “flame pistol” and the Promethean sub machine gun that could also be sidearms/secondaries

I’m pretty sure the “flame pistol” is actually the boltshot. The sub machine gun you’re talking about is the suppressor, which is a primary.

I was hoping they had the SMG/Plasma Rifle as a secondary.

Magnum, Plasma Pistol, Boltshot, Flame Pistol, and possibly Supressor.

I’ll settle for at least 5 secondarys. But the magnum, plasma pistol, and boltshot would be fine too, IMO.

So far all we know about is the magnum,plasma pistol, and boltshot. Other weapons that could fit here from the universe would be; SMG- more then likly not in because it was not seen in the weapons video, plasma rifle-confirmed out, spiker and mauler- both are brute weapons so really we don’t know if they are in or not do to the whole grav hammer situation.

I’m sure there could be other new sidearms along side the boltshot as well but it is doubtful.

Anybody else happy that we get a whole new class of weaponry? (Promethian)

Keep the sandbox simple. 1 type of weapon from each faction to fill each niche is perfect for that. 3/4 precision, 3 assault automatics, 3 sidearms, 3/4 CQC weapons, etc. We don’t want there to be a largely diverse sandbox, as then it will be a matter of ranking up guns rather than each gun having its own role. If we had 3-5 ARS for UNSC, it would most likely end up that one would rule all others. same applies for all weapons.

This is even more important now, as we can now spawn with any combination of most weapons. if we had 50 different guns to possibly start out with, then the gameplay would be more about getting those better starters and less about trying to grab those weapons on the map. 3 secondaries is plenty. All will be able to fulfill a unique job, yet still being able to fill the role of a secondary weapon(being considerably weaker than primaries and only useful in low-ammo situations or finishing kills). Not to mention that with the ability to now wield a secondary with the flag in hand(assuming you have one on you), we can’t have any real powerful pistols. otherwise, flag carriers would become walking cannons, bare even encumbered for carrying the objective.

> Anybody else happy that we get a whole new class of weaponry? (Promethian)

Can’t wait to see some more promethean weapons they are so cool.