Secondary Colors Still Broken

So one thing that has bothered me since H5 came out, is the secondary colors on half of the armor.

For some reason the colors on certain ones were completely off.

For example on Mark VI and my favorite armor, all yellow, Orange, and Red are still brown.

So once this new update came out I was excited to rock my colors I have worn since H2.

Well its out now and even though we have more colors, all Yellow, Orange, and Red are still brown on the certain armors that were effected.

Here is a Video Example of what I am talking about.

Notice the difference between the secondary color on my armor and the secondary color on the helmet.

I also at the beginning of the video have both primary and secondary set to the same brown and look how much darker the secondary is, its almost black.

I really hope this gets resolved because it really effects some of the awesome looks we can have with some of the other armors with this problem.