Second play through question

Hi guys

I am aching for a second playthrough right now. My only question is…what carries over?

Am I going to have to re collect all my cores and re unlock my FOBs upgrades and such?

Only thing that carries over is the collectable minus the artifacts. So Audio logs and skulls.

Surely the armor lockers should carry over given they unlock multiplayer rewards. It’s daft if you have to pick them up again for no reason.

Oh FFS this game needs a reset feature like Far Cry…I REALLY do not want to lose all my f :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ing progress.

I hope they add it with the replay missions option

At least the freaking armor cores for god’s sake

You keep the unlocks, but you can find them and unlock then again. It’s great if it glitches and you didn’t get it unlocked

Ok wait to confirm

Your unlocks (fobs and cores) carry over??


Nope. Only audio logs, skulls, and the unlocks of the lockers but you can refind them. But you could always keep a save as there’s 4 slots.

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Yeah but it REEEEEALLY irks me to have to re find all the cores…ugh

Hopefully 343 adds a status reset like far cry

I agree, but I tend to just collect enough for the grapple and shields. Don’t really use the other equipment.

Oh god same here. But my ocd kicks in