second controller reverses look inversion

While playing with look inversion enabled (the proper way) if someone picks up the controller I am not using and turns it on and then pushes the thumbsticks around the look inversion on my controller sets itself back to default. When i go into settings and try to change it, it still says it is inverted. I have to change it to not inverted, back out, then change back to inverted and back out again and then it is okay. It is a little tough to do all this in the middle of a match. I hope this is fixed in the future. I am pretty sure no other controller should do anything except the one I am using. I did not look to see if this was a known issue.

That’s… bizarre. Interesting find, though!

Good find op!

i seem to have seen this in one other game i think. Mostly because my kids like to pick up the controllers and pretend like they are playing or they want to play something else.

when playing halo 5 inverted there is a freeze when turning sometimes, especially from 4 oclock to 11 oclock, and vise versa 343 needs to fix this