Second Ban, With no Reason

So I bought the game like most people and have been really enjoying it. But three days after I got the game I got banned from arena for 3 hours with no reason, This pissed me off as I was live streaming and had to switch games but I dealt with it. Now today 2 days after the first ban after me and a friend where playing SWAT, when after the match ended I get banned I did go AFK for 3 mins but came back into the game and started helping again. Now im banned until 7:30am Tomorrow. 343 Needs to fix this because if it happens again im selling this damn game. There is no point in owning it if I cant play it.

Length of AFK is obviously irrelevant. I do believe that AFK should be a banning offence though, sorry.

Diunds like u r hoing agk for 3 minutes every game :slight_smile:

i get banned cause their servers keep dropping me from matches even though my Internet is 60-65mps and my Xbox One is fine. their game servers are messed up

3 minutes afk is a reason