Seattle/Bellevue area gamers - LAN for MCC

My name is Jake (gt: kilforfood v2),

Looking to set up a LAN party for xbox one MCC Saturday, November 15th. See requirements at bottom page.
Location will be held at my business in Snohomish, WA. (this is 25min north of Seattle and Bellevue)
We will be playing from 9:00am to 10:00pm. (9:00am set up your crap - be playing by 10am. pack up at 10pm)
Please RSVP if you can make it. I will definately need a head count.
I will provide food and water for free as well as tables and chairs…but be prepared to bring your own chair just in case.
If we need to, we can play on LIVE with my 50 down 25 up connection on 'dem deidicated servers.

No minimum players needed. I have LAN’d with three people and its a blast. I guess I will judge the maximum players by the amount of attention and help. I don’t think I could accomodate more than 16 people comfortably without help. (Help if you can with setup and tear down)

This is meant to be FUN first and foremost. No prizes, just hanging out with other gamers that enoy HALO as much as I do. All skill ranges wanted. We will be playing all game types throughout the day from every HALO title in MCC. You could also co-op campaigns as well. Whatever you want, as long as we have at least 4 people on match making.

If this goes well then I will host more events, especially for Halo 5 beta.

Age: 16 plus please, but am willing to make exceptions. (i am 27)
Xbox One
Headset of some type
Monitor (I have a few 24in spare as well)
Power cable and HDMI cable
Possible LAN cable
Please RSVP as I will need a head count.
(stuff i am probably forgetting)

Contact my email: for quicker, more direct responses.

just got Br0ken xbox to join in. He will help set up and tear down as well.

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