Seasonal Events In Halo 5

For those of you who don’t know, besides playing Halo (and a bunch of other games), I play Overwatch. In that game there are seasonal events with exclusive content themed around that specific seasonal event. But then one day the thought went into my head, what if seasonal events were in Halo 5?? Now I know we get the emblems during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but what if there was more to it then just an emblem? (I’m not saying the emblems are bad, they’re really cool :D) For example, what if there was a Halloween event where the Req. Packs would be Goodie Bags, and Halloween themed items would be in them. Such as a Jack o Lantern helmet, or spooky/Halloween themed weapon skins. Or another example would be a Christmas event where the Req. Packs would be Present Boxes with (you guessed it) Christmas themed items. Some good item ideas would be candy cane weapon skins or even a Santa Claus helmet! Now in my opinion, that would be pretty cool! Other things for a Christmas event would be like the maps in the playlists having Christmas versions, or even a new game-mode where you deliver presents! Granted, if these were added into Halo 5, I doubt these would be the only seasonal events. But these are my ideas, and overall just theorizing what it would be like to have seasonal events in Halo 5! It would be pretty fun to have these in the game in my opinion. But anyways, let me know what you awesome Spartans think about this idea. Peace out (for now)!

No, I like the idea. 343 does a decent amount of seasonal events, but not quite enough if you ask me. They’re usually centered around Thanksgiving and Christmas, with some weekend playlist flair for other minor holidays.

I always loved in GTA V that on Christmas everything in Los Santos would be snow covered. Not sure if they still do that or not, but it’d be fun to have like snowfall on certain maps or something in Halo 5, or snowfall in multiplayer maps in Halo Wars 2.

Of course, expansion over other holidays would be fun too. Something for Independence Day (yes we’re not all American, but Halo is an American creation), or some summer playlists or something. I don’t know, just spitballing here.

You mean like Valentine’s Doubles from a couple years ago?

I mean, a Christmas tree AR skin couldn’t be any more silly than a pizza skin. And while the REQ pool is already quite diluted with so many items, at least you can’t get repeats.

Nah they do enough IMO. I don’t need gimmicky content for seasonal stuff. Infection started off as a Halloween thing. This year they did the snowball fight game type. That is stuff I would rather have, actual games or playlist rather than some Christmas weapon skin or pumpkin helmet.

Well, how about this, when a seasonal event is over, there will be an extremely rare chance you could get stuff from that event in normal Req. Packs. Also Chimera30 what were the Valentine’s Doubles again? I forgot.