Seasonal "events" feel like a side job, and it is not worth it

I wanna start saying that I LOVE the game, just everything around it sucks. Every day I question if i should keep playing or just return to MCC, that game is old but you can feel the love put it by the people that manage to connect 4 games in one package.

Here is different: im constantly remember that im a cow to milk: “buy this for this skin”, “remember that awesome armor? just $20! but take it fast because is leaving”, “wanna get to lvl 65 of the BP, Get this EXP Boost!”… and all that we already know for months.

But with this tenrai event is was the last drop: I feel WORKING for 343, I just need 2 more challenges to get everything available this week BUT i need to get the challenges first. Ofc the last ones are the last 2 tenrai event to just start unlocking them. AGAIN this bs: a system integrated so you can sell me Swaps. So the only option i have left is to keep playing the game, left everything else i wanna do this weekend so i can complete this event because i only have 1 week to do it.

It feels like a job… and it is my spare time, im PAYING for this. And for what? We already know the best content is saved for the store. The only put the samurai helmet in the event back because we really complain about it and they wanna sacrifice the most cheap store item. “But 343 need money… it is a F2P game”, they already took our customization of colors and emblems, half of the cool armor items are locked in overpriced bundle, servers are a joke, some classic game modes doesnt work or are not even in the game. And they dont care. They are, again, doing the easiest way out and just keep radio silence until we forget or get used to it. For example: they know BTB doesnt work… why am i still getting challenge of win a BTB? Couldnt they just put those challenges out? was it impossible like put more than 4 types of matchmaking in the UI?

Im tired… i really try to like this game but the only thing they really put effort is to sell us stuff. Yes, i know you are just the “averange player” and got to lvl 100 in BP and finish the tenrai event in 2 days. Im not that lucky, i have already a job and there other games/hobbies i wanna do in my free time. Im not just playing what 343 wants and for the time 343 wants so i can unlock stuff, you should too. The reward in minimal, this game is not worth take it like a second job


I grinded this week for the fiesta visor and tiers and I can’t agree more. It’s annoying when they’re not just progressive challenges you can get done through the week.

I have to get 2 double kills, then get killing sprees, then get 50 kills, then get 3 wins. Why can’t it all just count at the same time. It annoys me even more that you can only do 10 this month and have to wait another just to do the same 5 tedious annoying challenges