Seasonal Challenges with Rewards

Simple concept that MCC sorta has. Seasonal Challenges, challenges that take awhile to earn, but provide certain rewards, such as coatings, or even special armor pieces. Would be a good way to give some sort of reward to those who dont have the Battle Pass. Similar to how the Ultimate Challenge Weekly Rewards, Seasonal Challenges should last all season long, and should provide special rewards for those who worked hard to earn them. Coatings, visors, armor effects, etc, would be possible rewards for the seasonal challenges. There 343, a good idea to help those who want stuff but dont want to pay for it.

Did you mean: Battle Pass Free Rewards?

One thing this game (and games in general) definitely does NOT need is additional time sensitive content. The weekly and store are already too much as it is. Time sensitivity shouldn’t lock out players who don’t play at the right time - at most it should be special deals (sales, double xp weekends). Never limited time content.*

*UNLESS it is event content and will ALWAYS return when the event does