Season Zero Battle Pass

So, you know how they said we’ll be able to go back and redeem items from previous seasons? Y’all think Season 0 will accompany those? I think there’s a SLIM chance, but not likely. Just frustrated see that I’m stuck at 15…URGH!! Hahaa

That would be okay by me if the season 0 content ended up as the default (starter pack) choices in the final game.

There definitely needs to be more, WAY MORE challenges. Xp caps are murder.

I can see them using season 0 as the default system and maybe a few of the higher items being in the season one. As for the XP for the battle pass, they will probably do something similar to what call of duty, Halo MCC, and Fortnite do. They have a set percentage of total points earned go towards the battle pass with challenges being bonus XP towards the battle pass.