Season Passes and Map Packs

When Halo 4 was announced I went out and pre-ordered the Limited Edition, not just for all the back ground info that came with it but most importantly the season pass for the map packs. Imagine if you will my dismay that after downloading my maps and getting to know the flow and layout of them they were removed from the playlist and never really put in to general matchmaking, also a new map pack was released (which I refused to buy on the experience of the last map packs).

So for Halo Xbox One/5 I would like to see a change made to how the map packs and other DLC is handled, I think Halo would benefit from a Premium Pass like what Battlefield offers. For one payment of around £29.99/$39.99 you would get,

[/li]- Access to all DLC

  • One or Two week early Access to new map packs

  • Exclusive content for being a Premium Member

I don’t know how the ranking system will work in the next Halo but if it runs off a XP based system then some sort of double XP weekends exclusive for Premium Members to get through those ranks faster would also be nice.

So lets look at the list:

Access to all DLC - Map packs, Armour skins, Weapon skins, vehicle skins and any thing else 343i has up it’s sleeve for the entire life span of the game.

One or Two week early Access to new map packs - The players who invest in this are going to be dedicated Halo players, and so should be rewarded an extra One or Two weeks getting to know the layout and flow of the maps.

Exclusive content for being a Premium Member - Exclusive skins for weapon, vehicle and player complete new Armour sets, not stuff that would come out in normal DLC packs.

Also for those who do not want to buy in to the Premium Pass or even buy the DLC on day one 343i could make the maps free or drastically reduce the price 6-9 months after initial release, this way everybody who has or will play the next Halo will know the DLC they have spent their hard earned money on will be available in the playlists, and not collecting ‘dust’ on their hard drive.

I agree