season pass mutli-account use

if i buy the season pass for halo 4, will it work on all accounts on my xbox? i have a brother who likes playing too and wants to know if i buy the pass, will he be able to benefit from it too, or will he have to purchase his own?

does anybody know?

all accounts now have access to dlc on the same xbox

Yes sir it will work for every single account on your xbox :D!! They recently just updated it to do that.

does that include all the armour downloads too?

Yea, it also includes all armour/weapons skins, themes, map packs etc.

Content licenses are tied to the gamertag that purchased them and to the console on which they were purchased/first downloaded. So anyone on that original xbox can use the content purchased on it by any gamertag. You can download your gamertag onto another xbox and also have everyone from that other xbox use your content, but only while your signed in to live. Finally, you can transfer your licenses from one xbox to another every 4 months.