Season Pass is misleading ab what characters u get

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This is a different discussion, it’s about the characters, don’t lock again
So I’m pretty annoyed right now because I just learned that Microsoft scammed me when I bought the Halo Wars 2 season pass because in the season pass it states that I get “New leaders with abilities that change the course of multiplayer matches” AND “new campaign missions that Expand the Halo Wars 2 story”. And as everyone knows they just came out with the Awakening DLC which INCLUDES new characters and new missions. I was like sick I get some new characters to play with, but when I went to download it, it said I needed to pay $20. I was like nope the season pass says that I get new characters that change the couse of multiplayer matches so I should be getting that for free or at least the characters and missions that it holds. So I got on with Xbox customer support and talked for a hour about why I’m not getting this DLC, the ending was pretty funny to the point that they actually agreed with me about it but can’t complain because they work for support. My point is that in no way shape or form does the season pass description state that I will only get MOST of the added characters and MOST of the added missions. And I just figured out that I’m not getting what I paid for. They say that I don’t get it because the Awakening expansion isn’t apart of the season pass, and I’m saying OK but I paid to get any and all characters that change the course of the game and when u add new characters that CHANGE the couse of the game but say I can’t use them because they are not in the season pass. To me it looks like Microsoft made a loophole to make more money and that there season pass is totally misleading when describing what it includes.

There is already a big thread about this discussion here

That said, the season pass said it would last 6 months, which it did and you got all of the content in that 6 month period.

The season pass has already payed itself off. $5 per leader and $10 for spearbreaker. You’ve gotten $50 worth of content for a $20 season pass.

Get over it. Please