Season Pass Challenge Tracking in Menu (Xbox Series X)

Whenever completing challenges I think it would be extremely helpful to mark challenges so that you can track progress in-game. For example, if you need 15 kills with a battle rifle, you should be able to track how many kills you have gotten as you’re playing. A way to do this would be by hitting the view or menu button on the Xbox controller.

Even if live tracking progress for a challenge isn’t available, it would be helpful to at least view which challenges you have to complete by pushing the view or menu button on the controller.


Definitely agree this is needed.

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Right now the issue seems to be that progress isn’t ‘awarded’ until the match is over - which is NOT the same as MCC.

In MCC - challenges unlock mid-game, and we also can see the progress mid-game.

I would like this to be the case for Infinite.