Season Idea: UNSC ELITE

Not all soldiers go into the spartan branch, in this season you will be cross training spending “25” levels with each of the main sub units.

the sniper core, the ODST’s, the combat engineers, and the hellbringers. Bring your A game spartans and show these grunts what it means to be a spartan.

Unlike other seasons, this one doesn’t have a unique armor core, instead having 4 unique themes for the MK VII that make them look like a soldier of the respective group.


SNIPER SET: 5 items

Helmet: is an attechment for the base helmet
left arm/right arm: rail ammo, ammo for the railgun they use.
knee guards
Side ammo pouch

Hellbringer set: 5 items unique back mounted chest item.

torso (includes backpack)
shoulders left/right
Burning rage weapon effect (fire spews from barrel)

ODST set

Armor: as already in, you instead get unique armor items.
hip sidekick
ODST blues armor pack (allows you to look like halo 3 ODSTs, basic, red, blue, and yellow)
Scopeless BR model (doesn’t change the weapon gameplay wise.)
Stealth coating mongoose skin

Combat engineer

note: this one requires the most work as it requires a unique armor design, would include the full thing. this or the hellbring would be the final thing.

Along with the armor a piece of equipment is added from each branch that will spawn in normal matches.



the main weapon of hellbringers, the flamethrower is a heavy weapon that allows one to spew fire upto 30 feet away. this weapon has a unique damage type that does almost low to shields but burns through health rather quickly on top of that it can kill vehicle crews with out harming the vehicle.

Supressed SMG

While the standard Ma40 is more effective at medium to longer ranges the SMG is king in close range, add on top of that the stealth bonuses it gives and you have a solid t2 weapon.
perk: user doesn’t appear on radar while walking or firing if they don’t hit an enemy.


An old weapon, long sense replaced with the railgun brought back into service and upgraded do to the lack of parts and ammo. Teh Stachion is a single shot long range anti vehicle weapon. a well place shot can take down a ghost. Two well placed shots can blow up a wraith. Note this works like a spartan laser mixed with a skewer. Do to this it has both a reload and a charge up time meaning it is extremely slow to fire, a missed shot can mean death to the user. You also only get 2 shots unless in BTB where you get 3.

Engineering thrust pack

Not all tools are that of war, the engineering thrust pack is an upgrade of the reach era jetpacks modernized for mobile units to get from point a to point B. These are often used by combat engineers when they have to place explosives in hard to reach areas, or to set up defenses both manual and automated in dangerous locations.

Function, this equip item is back mounted giving a user 7 seconds of flight (has 70 fuel goes through 10 a second) if one is scoped with it active they can hover. Is used like any other equipment by pushing its key.


Along with new toys and new looks comes new game modes, three to be exact.


go back to your roots, no shields, no hud, just you, an AR, and the enemy. in this team death match mode. On the map are drop walls and cover is king in this fast to kill gamemode.


Every wonder what it is like to run around with an infinite ammo plasma cannon, scrap cannon, or HMG. this is the mode for you. in this team play mode you only have a heavy weapon and your fists. Good luck. Has two modes king of the hill and team deathmatch that can pop up.

Triple bomb

A BTB mode, triple bomb has 3 bombs on the map, with the objective being to blow up the enemy base with 5 detonations. be warned the more bombs are set off the more weapons and equipment is dropped into the map.

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Alt idea for caveman, you have gravity hammers and no hud.

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Any opinions on this at all?