Season 8 Remaining Cosmetics

Curious if anything has been stated about the remaining Season 8 cosmetics? I noticed there are a couple of visors(eclipse dream, nightscan) and a handful of back accessories(oaklimb, law’s end, last word, etc.) that are still locked and not attached to seasonal challenges. With the announcement of the 20th anniversary items and their dates seemingly taking up the exchange slots, I was curious if anything had been stated on whether these items would be coming into the exchange as well either being mixed in with the 20th anniversary items or after the 20th anniversary items are over.

Just wondering if these items would end up like the ONI warthog skin that was shown in the cosmetics a few seasons ago. For anyone not aware, back in like season 4 there was an ONI warthog skin that appeared in the customization but never showed up in the exchange and wasn’t tied to any challenge. When the next season released it disappeared from the customization menu.

If I had to guess they’ll finish the season 8 exchange after the 20th anniversary exchange. Also fingers crossed we get the Oni warthog it looked sweet

Seeing how the Eclipse Dream visor is coming to the Exchange next week, they’ll probably be featured along side the 20th anniversary stuff.