Season 8: Mythic Press Kit

Not only is MCC’s 8th Season Mythic, the press kit is pretty mythical too! Enjoy some pretty phenomenal Pelican photographs that are positively pleasing!

As always, this is once again the work of the incomparable Toros Köse. If you want to see more of his talent, be sure to check out his Instagram, or browse his Artstation!

Without further ado, enjoy the collection of images and add to the ever growing wallpaper folder you’ve got going. And yes, these are all in 4K!

Season 8: Mythic



Awesome. It was time for a new wallpaper.

Finally some fresh wallpapers

Thanks for sharing!

Juste magnificent. Honestly, 343, you are doing an awesome job with Halo recently. I really like the idea of a ‘‘multiverse’’ in Halo. Good job 343. :+1:
But I still waiting a legendary édition for Infinite…

Gorgeous renders. Love it!

could we get a tearful bishop wallpaper

Thanks for posting! Happy to see it added to the Season artwork too!

It is great you put these out for the fans to use. Thank you

I thought Flood Firefight was comming to MCC with S8… so sad

Awesome! Adding them to the collection :slight_smile:

looks fresh

Real pretty

The Twitter banner looks really nice, been swapping it out every time there is a new twit banner in a press kit.

Halo infinite ala vuelta de la esquina que ganas

Thank you

Very cool pictures

these look amazing

So, epic.

Thanks! :smiley:

Awh this is what we need in game an actual spartan-esq helmet. That would be fantastic.