Season 4 challenge skins re-release

When will the following skins be available again to be earned / purchased with season points?

  • Halo 3 Sniper - Avalanche
  • Halo 4 Battle Rifle - Blast
  • Halo 4 DMR - Blood

I know there are users here that feel these should not be obtainable again, or if made available should be obtainable through more involved means than just buying with Season Points. I respect your position.

It has now been 1.5 years since these skins were available to unlock.

All of these skins were previously available during Season 4 through their respective challenges, which ended on January 27, 2021. Despite other season challenge reward skins (both seasons before and after season 4) appearing in The Exchange since their initial release, these three from Season 4 have yet to make a reappearance in any form.


I was so close to getting Avalanche, but alas I missed it.

I’m going to say that it’s in the exchange mix, but very very rare.

I say this only because the 20th anniversary items are in rotation within the exchange as well as the Evalach’s Lament back accessory which was a seasonal event reward.

Pretty sure they’ve just never reappeared while some of the Anniversary stuff was featured just a week after it was featured before last week.

Evalach’s Lament has certainly reappeared, as did a few other seasonal challenge items.

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Would you be able to cite a date?

I have checked the store every week since its inception. I’ve also checked the listings found here and Avalanche has not been available in The Exchange. You can also see that other challenge rewards (such as Mister Chief or Halo 3 Lucky Shot) have been featured in The Exchange, while the challenge reward of Halo 3 Sniper Avalanche has not been featured.

Thank you!

Edit: Also I apologize if I am misunderstanding your post. I thought Evalanch’s Lament might have been an auto correct for Avalanche but I may be mistaken.

Before I go any further I wanna make sure we’re on the same page.

For Evalach’s Lament? Or did you think it was an autocorrect for Avalanche?

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You’re absolutely right. I apologize for my confusion, I did think it was an autocorrect. I had forgotten about the back accessory.

I didn’t mean to derail any conversation - I had read your message too quickly and misunderstood. :slight_smile:

Thank you for catching that! It’s nice to see there is another player passionate about The Exchange items, even more so it seems as I forgot about the back accessory!

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To add to what was being said above, I believe the only back accessory to not be featured in either The Exchange or any format is Law’s End.

I mainly just meant Avalanche sniper and the other skins OP mentioned, they just haven’t been re-featured.

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They need to be made available. Anyone trying to gate-keep free content which wasn’t even difficult to obtain(literally the only reason I missed out is very low ranked playlist population in my region) is ridiculous.


I actually misremembered myself, Evalach did not appear, but Sword and Board did which was a seasonal reward.

My apologies.

I understand, but precedent has suggested they may be in the mix, just very very rare.

Nobody is gatekeeping. Keeping them rare is ideal tho.

They were limited time challenge items, meaning their acquisition was meant to be special, allowing them to be purchased is a good idea but keeping them sparsely available keeps their initial acquisition in check.

@Freak_A_Fan hitting me with a “fumble” but can’t explain why, typical. Just giving you a reason to change it to something contextual like the “bait” react.

I will attest that the Halo 4 skins were very difficult to obtain. Getting rank 25 was insane in a 6v6 format. Full stacks were grinding for weeks before unlocking everything that season. Regardless I agree that these items should return via the exchange. Ideally everything should be unlockable one way or another.


A real issue that arose when trying to find games near the end of the season was the player count was too low. This is what happened to me.

It’d be one thing if I wasn’t good enough to hit the rank, but the fact that I wasn’t even able to find a game at times, or it would be a 2 or 3v4 game destined to lose, made me feel pretty disappointed.