Season 3's armor is SPI.... that doesn't have shields in lore

with the lone wolf core it is a common assumption it doesn’t have shields do to the lake of emitter lights and power packs, but with SPI a known none shielded armor coming did they just confirm that some cores do not have shields canonically?


First, from a lore perspective, the GEN 1-Mk V B is dated by current UNSC standards, so its implementation is questionable. The GEN 2, while not as “robust” as any GEN 1, is still lighter and faster and stronger than the previous incarnation, yet they arent present in the game.
Yoroi has limited lore or specs to put it as a competitor to GEN 3 systems. Eagle strike and Rakshasa are in the same boat. So a “modern” SPI armor isnt much of a stretch to have as an option for customization.


Presumably its upgraded spi armor.


Well, presumably it’ll be the next gen version of the SPI style armor they gave us for MCC.


Who needs shield emitters when it’s got 343i brand lore armor baked right in?


Isn’t the next gen version the helmet we see in the MK IIV and IV armors?

I’m not sure what helmet you’re referencing. I’m talking about the MIRAGE armor they put in for Halo 3 customization in MCC.

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Ah, I can’t remember the name of it but the helmet is in reach. But yeah the mirage armor is seperate from SPI and they stated the core is SPI not Mirage.

Have they even stated it’s SPI anywhere? It seems to just be a guess by the community based on the core outline looking like it could be that.

The video on the news post, they out right state it is SPI.

Roland B210 and Jonah B283 both had modified versions of SPI with shielding. Also, as others have said it could also be Mirage, which is a Mjolnir variant based aesthetically on SPI. Hell, it could literally just be SPI and have shields. I’m sure the Gammas would appreciate gear they are accustomed to.

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IIV? I presume you just mean Mark III?

This SPI is a gen 3 armor core verient. Meaning its not the SPI we see in Ghosts of Onyx.

Who still cares about Halo lore? Definitely not 343 at any rate. They only care if they can sell cosmetics for the armor.

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There’s samurai armor in the game. I think someone retrofitting SPI with shields is considerably more lore friendly.

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Not saying it isn’t lore friendly more stating there are two armors which are implied to not have shields by design.

Whenever you see older pieces on newer armour, it’s always been upgraded for the newer armour. It’s been a thing since the mark V attachments in halo 3.

They should tag that in the armor description, problem solved easy.

You’re assuming that the SPI coming in Season 3 is the same iteration as the old armor. It could very well have been an updated version. SPI armor recreated with Mjolnir specs while retaining it’s stealth capabilites.


It really does feel like the lore keeps being ignored or bastardized in the name of selling new cosmetics.

Its almost like a ten year plan based on selling 400 new cosmetic items each year in battle passes (plus many more outside,) was doomed to fail?