Season 3 armor core and cross core

So just watched the teaser for season 3 wont lie Im feeling pretty good about it which I didn’t think Id get this excited after such a long year but im very happy with whats coming.

Got a couple questions though.

  1. Is this new core going to be a Canon core like the Mark V [B] Mark VII and Rakshasa because it looks amazing like my only favorite is the Mark V but this one I could see myself going back and forth with.

  2. When are we going to get the next cross core update like this one just leaves my a little iffy cause I’m also very excited for it but I have heard nothing even if they just said it wonld be done by season 3 id feel more at ease.

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I’m hoping we get to get cosmetics that allow us to replicate Spartan Roland-B210 and Spartan Jonah-B283’s armor makeups to an extent.


Id love to rock a Jonah look this new core with a knife and stuff.


Any idea what the release date is? 343I might have finally ropped me back in.

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Mirage armour is already canon. Chimera is likely fracture. And possibly inspired by Crysis.

As for cross core, I’ve seen the same explanation mentioned a few times before and I’m not sure why people keep forgetting it but I’ll share it here:

Cross core feasibility differs depending on which attachment you have in mind. It’s easy for 343i to implement cross core for non-intrusive customisation elements like colours, visors, emblems and/or effects. But for customisation elements like chest attachments, helmet attachments, shoulder wrist, thigh and/or knee attachments, whereby the attachments are tailor modelled to match the grooves, edges and shapes of the underlying armour, these may cause plenty of clipping issues if they are ported over directly to another armour core.

A solution of course would be for 343i to make additional variation models of these attachments that match the shape of the alternative armour cores they would be ported over to. But whether 343i would spare the effort to make those models, or whether it is even a priority, is questionable. Because right now, some existing attachments already have clipping issues with their own native armour cores. Simply put, it’s doable. But it could be a long way away for it to materialise, or materialise and be without issues.


More to do with thoughts on coatings than armor pieces…

Rakshasa & Eaglestrike’s base coating is called Sandgrass Fields in the cylix . guide with a grey quality assignment. While it IS associated with Yoroi on Cylix, Blinding shadow was the base coating for Yoroi in season 1 and maintains a grey quality assignment. This coating(sandgrass fields) was also spotted in the MIRAGE coating selection during that playdate recently.

In haloinfintenews’ library it is associated with everything except the Mk.VII Core. Mk.VII shows a similar coating preview in the titled Balaton Fields with a blue quality assignment. The Mk.V[B] Coating is titled “Sandgrass Fields” but has a Blue quality assignment. These also have unique lore text.

It’s the Quality assignments for the MK.VII & MK.V[B] coating that stick out to me. I cant see them making Eaglestrike and Rakshasa (season 2 stuff) compatible in season 3 with the central content from a previous season without a price tag.

Take what just happened with Untethered Wind for example. They knew they had to give more basic colors but knew they used a basic blue to sell a bundle so they had to actually do the work to make a distinct blue coating. (nor has it gone back on sale since this change)

The Fire & Frost bundle for example, only covered the 3 cores that were available at that point in time and each with different lore. NOW, think about the fact we have gone a whole season w/extension with these two cores’ initial base coatings being their own coating, only to get spun out backwards at the start of the next season to a previous seasons fracture core, BP core and the default/F2P core…There is no way they DONT want you to pay for that coating on season 1 cores.

Unless they plan to make grey growth and tragic wintessa the same “coating” or do the warframe thing and make a custom coat palette, they’ll probably just stick to selling a unique take of a coating on a core, name it differently & switch up lore text.

alwz1998 put it best concerning attachments tailored for specific cores. Personally I feel Coatings are the ultimate vanity element after obtaining a desired armor piece but if a coating is made for a certain core…and certain cores have dedicated pieces that never touch other cores…then how/why are certain pieces, say…the wolf shoulders for Mk.V[B], supposed to cross over if the coats for the core you want to cross-over to were not ever made to consider that armor piece(or core) in the first place?
Sorry for the essay.