Season 2 thoughts so far

Last Spartan standing is fun, apart from the RNG power ups rewarding camping more than active play, some players (seems to be a weeb core enthusiast thing) will just progress to the AR and then camp in a corner somewhere

The bonus XP thing is just pointless, you’ll get to max level and have a BR anyway if your are actively participating in the match

very limited customization once again and the new cores seem nice but suffer from limited customization

I see we still have the same awful challenge and event challenge system and that can honestly go crawl into a ditch and die and I personally will not be buying any season pass until the challenge system goes

And what is with that intro? it is really good but then falls flat on its face because whatever it is trying to set up is not connected to anything we are doing so what was the point of it?

After one poor 6 month season you would have thought tha you would have gone out of your way to make sure this one starts with a bang but instead we are getting a repeat of the last one but this time with a flashy intro. I am really curious as to what the excuses are for this one

Only played a handful of games. For some reason work is expecting me turn up in the next half hour or so. :frowning:

Not sold on LMS. But that’s probably just me. I was never a huge fan of FFA games. And I really struggle spatially on new maps - it’s going to take me a while to figure out where I am and where I should be going. It’s tied to an event so I’m sure to give it a bit more time over the next week. But I’m not going to let it become a chore.

Really enjoyed KOH.

Tried Rumble Pit but only got Fiesta.

Had a run around the new Arena map in custom mode. It looks like a LOT of fun. Can’t wait to play on it in anger.

The new BP is good. I really like the new armour core stuff.

The new intro stuff was interesting. It was so cool to see my Spartan in the cut scene. More of that sort of stuff please. I’ve only seen the two scenes so far. I’m happy.

Haven’t really looked at my challenges etc. They will fall into place over time. We have 6 months. I usually take a close look at the weekend and decide if the weekly is worth pushing for (only gone for 2 so far). Or I guess, the event.

So far, I’m definitely happy. Agree with Darwi - the BP new armor core is interesting, and there are so many things to earn (both in the event and in the BP) that I’m back to feeling excited. Partly because it’s been awhile, but the style of the armor is refreshing. The cinematics also grabbed my attention, and I wonder what they’re gonna do with that.

Regarding game modes, Last Spartan Standing seems pretty fun so far. I don’t like FFA in general and only play it when there’s a challenge, but LSS seems fun enough. I actually like staying to watch how the game turns out - there are usually funny moments especially when stake gets high. I hope it doesn’t encourage a culture of camping tho - that’s not fun (to watch or be part of) at all.

KOH is great - super fun. Somehow, it encourages/necessitates team work, which is a great feeling.

I hope there are enough events and content to last 6 months though…

Honestly…played 2 games of last doartan standing with way too much time aoent using the mangler and commando, didnt get a BR at all.

Played commando swat twice, no BR.

Looked through battle pass…looked at challenges…said nope bot tryna grind through meaningless challneges and dont wanna give 343 anymore of my money…

So i went and had a great time with my friends playing fortnite lol. Also been cooping gears of war with my buddies, which is something halo cant even provide lol.

343 is a failure.


Season 2 is just an extension of season 1 this time with extra failure.


I’ve lost the option to be able to just play free for all slayer so things have just got worse for me.

I’m enjoying it so far, but its not without its flaws either. LSS is definitely an interesting gametype, and it just simply challenges a player to last longer and longer with every passing game as you know where alot of powerups and some areas some weapons fight best at.

The challenge system being bugged is definitely a point of contention for me, as a fair few didn’t feel like they were working, especially the FFA where I would play and even win a couple of games, but no progress went so far into the 2k points I was supposed to earn for that challenge gametype. Vampire Oddball is definitely a fun addition to the game, even more so than the regular oddball in the team objective category. I haven’t had the chance yet to play Ninja Slayer or the other variants so far, but I heard good things.

I don’t know if its just me from more than a handful of games is that desynch feels far less prominent. I’ve had grenades connect far more frequently rather than disappear into the ether, and while my aim still needs work, my shots do feel like they are registering.

Challenges were the last nail in the coffin for me. You reward me for playing what I like with what little they offer, cool, but upping the grind was exactly the opposite way to go.