Season 2 Modes Video

Linked at the top of the news item or;

Not only shows off the new game modes but also gives another look at the two new maps.

Only a promotional video of course, but the weapons and 'nade spam seemed to have more power / chaos in Land Grab than King of the Hill. Which is a good thing.

A good look at the new armour at about the 15 second mark.

And love the wolf death effect right at the end.

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So the new Big Team Battle map is actually a Big FFA Battle map. That is disappointing.

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I guess that’s one way of thinking about.

Kind of negative way though.

It’s a new BTB map. Last Man Standing is played on BTB maps. They are just using the video to show off the new mode AND the new map.

And specifically in the preview post; “We’ve got two new maps coming with Season 2 as well, Breaker (BTB) and Catalyst (Arena)… there are a lot of considerations that go into crafting these spaces to accommodate existing modes as well as future ones… that really complement how the new modes coming in Season 2 play. Breaker is a really fun CTF map, you’ll get all the chaotic BTB fun players love on that map.”

My only problem with season two so far is that we’re only getting 2 new maps. Everything else we’ve seen has made me really happy to be honest.

I’m super pumped for Last Spartan Standing and KotH.

I’m also pretty pumped to hear the map sounds for the two new maps. Infinite’s done really well at recapturing HCE’s sound spirit where the environmental sounds are located in specific places and yet feel mysteriously all around you at the same time. If that makes sense…


Yep. It’s a bit of a bitter pill.

I guess that 2-3 maps a season is ok… as long as it’s strictly 3 month seasons. That would be at least 8 a year.

But the extended S1 has really taken it’s toll. And Forge feels like an eternity away.

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