Season 2 is a joke... They ADDED more PROBLEMS

WAAAAY to many OS and CAMO in Last Spartan Standing
Respawning outside the zone in Last Spartan Standing
De-seync has increase by at least 150%
Super grindy challenges (for the event anyway)
Cheating increase
Getting put on high ping servers despite increase in player count
“Gun jam” bug

  • everything else that was still a problem.

I mean, how messy is that code 343 is working with? If I had to picture it in my mind it would be like a bowl of spaghetti that has been run over by a truck. And that’s ignoring some of the horrible choices that keep getting made for this game… See you guys in Season 15 when the game is finally ready


I’m still getting aussy servers when I live in Texas, we need a server block asap lol.

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That is scuffed mate. The bloody spaghetti code strikes again!

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Yeah, knowing how things have been rolling out. It will take that long to fix some issues, not all. You also have to consider how many more issues will pile up while they are trying to fix the current ones.

Infinite reminds me of D2 launched, but at least D2 actually had content.

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Massive emphasis on “had”. It’s a shame the way they went around doing things recently, what iwth vaulting paid content…

IMO the game was better off when Activision was around, so instead of creating that third installment as planned the game is all chopped up.

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