Season 2: How 343 can Fix the Challenge System (v4.0) (redundant)

I’ve revised my topic and re-posted:


Well thought out! The challenge system absolutely needs to be massively improved if not overhauled dramatically. It’s been one of the major issues with this game since launch. In conjunction with such little relative variety in terms of maps and modes, it’s doubtless contributed in a big way to Infinite’s player retention issues.


Wowza, this is longer than even a 343 blog post.


I’ve included a summation at the end in case it was too long

You’ve hit the nail on the head! Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Oh wow this is what we need! I have quit playing the game because the challenge based progression wasnt worth wasting time over. I played today to see if S2 was any different but was left disappointed.

I really hope your post gains traction as it would definitely make the progression less frustrating and make me want to come back to the game to play regularly every week.

Now that everyone’s all discussed that Last Spartan Standing challenges aren’t tracking, I thought I’d bump an even more important challenge-related thread to the top. I’ve shown your steam guide to my casual friends, and even they agreed if challenges were more like this and catered to any playstyle that they would be more likely to jump back in.

They were so excited season 1 and it all deflated once they finished the battle pass and decided even the best weeklies weren’t worth frustrating themselves over challenges. We all hopped back on yesterday and after a few LSS matches they’ve already bowed out for the season, they want the unlocks but they don’t want to have to commit to what’s essentially a second job for them. The game is already tough for a lot of newcomers, and from personal anecdotes it’s less challenging than it is punishing. I’m a 20 year vet and I usually have no problem getting even some of the toughest ones done, but I’m still fighting RNG every step of the way. Skill should be the only metric measured in a challenge, but the current system seems to skews too far in favor of luck.

I don’t feel good about quitting matches in order to get my challenges done, but if I want to earn stuff while I’m playing I have to be prudent with what little time I have available. Please consider this 343.