Season 2 earnable credits

As everyone has seen.
343I «cutting» the prices in the shop and selling items individually was a big failure, in case of fan service.
The item (firefall helmet) is now, actually costing more money than before, because some more credits up, earlier this would give you a whole armor packge.
So this «fix» is nothing but straight garbage.
I can’t see 343I try to please the fans, it’s nothing but empty and shiddy woooords.
Words with no meaning, because they don’t act on dem words they be puking out.
So, as a Halo fan since Halo CE.
I really, really need to see 343I act directly on what the fans want.
If they take anymore shortcuts just for the sake of money, or keep playin’ games with the community: this game has gotten the nail in the coffin.

So, please 343I.
Don’t continue to make stupid decisions just becuase money. If you start doing things right, you will get your money. Patience is a thing ya know.

So, if the credits in season 2 battlepass don’t make the fans feel good, I’m done with this FAKE FANSERVICE.


What? How? Aside from the random folks on here complaining about singular items, what data are you basing this on? I’ve had several friends that have been happy they can just buy the kill effect or the mythic effect without needing to snag them in a $20 bundle.

First of all, you have no data for this. Just some crappy math that assumes every item in a bundle is equivalently priced (which we know isn’t the case because you can look at individual items right now and see they absolutely aren’t equivalently priced).

Second of all, next week they could drop two 400 credit bundles with the rest of the items from the original firefall bundle and in total you’d have to pay 800+700 (helmet individual item) and the total cost would be 1500, which would be 500 less than the original 2000 price. Is this actually going to happen? No clue. But it could happen, and until the rest of the items show up in the store, this idea that it’s more expensive now is completely baseless.

And finally, obviously a single item is going to be more expensive than when it’s a bundle. That’s literally how bundles work.

Consider renaming the title of your thread, because it’s literally a rant about single items/bundles and has actually nothing to do with season 2 credits.

Was it possible to get the helmet previously for less than 700 credits before this week?

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If you equalize the 2000 credits soldier armor set bundle to each piece in the bundle, it would be 222,22 credits for each piece in the bundle.
In this case, would a helmet be nothing more worth than 200 credits WHEN the shop had extremely shiddy prices.
So, when a bundle with 9 individually items was costing 2000 credits. Now a helmet is 700 credits?
Some red flags blinkin’ or somethin’ here or what?

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No one has ever said that every single item has equivalent prices. You can go to the store right now and look at a weapon skin, helmet, mythic effect, and kill effect, and observe they have different prices.

Are you saying there was ever a time that you could purchase each of these items individually for 200ish credits?

No, answer their question. Have you ever been able to purchase that helmet for less than 700 credits before this week?

No? What are you trying to say?

There we go!
Then this:

Is fake news.

Let me change my writing for you.

The firefall helmet is costing more credits than what a helmet would cost, if you equalizes the price of the soldier armor set bundle.

But we know for a fact that individual items absolutely don’t cost the same, so equalizing the price is a disingenuous way to make it seem they’re radically overcharging.

Example: The goblin set had a visor and a color for 400 credits, which comes to 200 credits for each. Whereas a single kill effect is 600 credits.

Edit: You never answered my hypothetical question. If next week they released a 400 credit bundle that had the rest of the armor pieces from the firefall set, then another 400 credit bundle that had the armor color and the stance, would your entire argument fall apart that they’re now charging more for the whole set?

I’m not going to come at you aggressively, because you are allowed to have a different opinion than me. I will say that not many people would agree with the idea that a helmet and an emblem or even a chest piece have the same value. The cost for 343 to produce one over the other may be fairly negligible, but cost is not the same as value.

There is also a fair discussion that bundles should be expected to have a lower price than the sum of each individual item.

Now having said all that, $7 for any singular cosmetic item is more than I’m willing to spend. I just think it is incorrect to say the price actually went up.

This is why gaming has gone to crap, all talk, but barely any action. Yet there are players trying to defend 343 deliberate poor actions :man_facepalming:

343 even openly admitted they were handling things poorly and the so-call hard core fans still don’t care. That’s the problem here, but I sure as hell won’t be treated as a doormat.

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Well if there’s a problem with my reasoning, please point out the flaw.