Season 2 Challenges are still broken

Welp, challenges are still broken. In the time season 2 has been active, I’ve completed no less than 5 challenges, and have only received XP for two of them.

I believe this issue comes from leaving a Last Spartan Standing match early, after the player has run out of lives. Despite the game telling me that challenge progress would be kept, whenever I would leave, the game just decides that XP isn’t worth adding to my overall progress and just presents me with a new set of challenges.

I’m happy to see Infinite’s finally getting some more content, but I’m disappointed that there are still huge bugs that keep me from progressing and enjoying the game. It’s getting harder and harder to stay engaged with something that seems to have so many issues :frowning:

yeah I have experianced this too, make sure ya submit those support tickets

So you complete the challenge, but you don’t get the XP?

Anyone having problems with the complete 5 FFA matches.

They removed FFA as a playlist and Rumble/LMS doesn’t count?

Anyone help me out here??

343 is aware of that and trying to fix it. A mod already posted that in another topic.



I got 20 coconuts

This issue occurs if you win the game as well. I’ve completed all of my challengers, yet no progression. Whether I play Rumble Pit or Last Man Standing. Anyway someone who’s reading this post can submit a ticket?

See this item in the release notes: