Season 2 battlepass repurchase/rebuy

Hey, everyone. I was a little confused last night after a long day of work when I came home to play the new season of halo infinite and I sat down, then realized I had to rebuy the battle pass. Am I missing something?? I already bought the battle pass for season 1 and I have to rebuy it and spend another $10? I heard about them adding a credit system to get every upcoming battle pass for the credits you earn in season 2 but honestly, it’s still shocking to me that they would make you purchase it again, especially after I’ve already maxed out the first battle pass, I’d assume that they would let you transfer over or swap the pass to the second season somehow. I’m not the most broke person in the world but spending $80 total (the campaign, first pass, then the new pass) on the game seems pretty ridiculous. If I’m missing something and I’m able to swap over the pass without spending more money, please let me know. Thank you.


Sorry bud, as of now it’s $10. Hopefully they will pay themselves off from now on

Each season is 10 bucks, the credits given through season 2 is 10 bucks worth, so basically season 3 costs nothing if you Finnish season 2 etc.

After season 1 I wasn’t planning on buying season 2, however now there are credits given back it was worth me buying season 2 so future battle passes cost me nothing

Yeah, sorry, you’re not missing anything. I thought it was pretty clear that the $10 was for season 1 only. Just one of many reasons I didn’t purchase season 1.