Season 2 Battle Pass - Armour Core?

From what?

A lot. Most modern games have issues with making games compatible with lower spec older gen consoles. They can’t make it built around higher demand. Sometimes I wonder if desync is due to all the different processing speeds between the One, X, and PC. Maybe the frame rates have something to do with it. If you play Destiny 2 on Xbox One, you float in the air longer due to 30fps, so glitchers typically use the Xbox One or force 30fps on PC. Also yeah, graphics, textures, storage.

Before X, people complained PC had a pvp advantage with higher textures, farther draw distance, and faster frame rates. It wasn’t always just a mouse thing. Cross-play also still suffers console limitations.

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Enlisted is on PC and both current and last gen consoles and doesn’t have anywhere near the issues Infinite has

Like I said, Infinite is poorly optimized. Halo Infinite is the Pokemon Sword and Shield of Pokemon equivalent for Halo

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I know.
I just don’t see why that is the last-gen’s fault

It’s not necessarily last-gen’s fault, it’s 343’s fault for making a game that runs like garbage at even the lowest settings on a NASA PC. Halo Infinite is the new “but can it run Crysis?”

The game really shouldn’t be acting like we are trying to play it on an original Xbox being cooked in a microwave

Even 343 admits the Slipspace engine is a mule to work with, and the UI is extremely limited. They screwed up by trying to build a new engine on top of decades of BLAM bugs, and now they’re paying for it.

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As someone who has experienced Infinite on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X, it CHUGS on the Xbone and runs smoothly on the Series X.

From framerate drops to hit-registration and server desync to random disconnects or failure to register player inputs; the Xbox One just struggles.

Meanwhile I predict that since I rarely encounter these issues, they might be issues caused by players from a lesser quality platform interacting on the server. Often times I find myself be shot, with hits striking me even though I am behind cover; but this is when I am being shot at by a specific player in the match and not everyone on the enemy team can target me through cover like this.

I also find myself sometimes shooting at server ghosts as the server desync has yet to register all players in the match. So when my bullet collides with their hitbox, the server suddenly registers their inputs and repositions their playermodel a meter or more in another location as it suddenly registers the fact that they started strafing or jumping; so my shot from my Mangler is suddenly not registered.

This is also the main reason why I think that we keep on getting clips in which the Skewer isn’t doing damage to players while CLEARLY showing the spike lodged into their playermodel : the server recalculates their actual position and even though it is a minor position adjustment; it negates the damage while still showing the impact animation of the shot.