Season 2 Battle Pass - Armour Core?

Have they clarified what the armour core is going to be in the Season 2 Battlepass?

They mentioned that Headhunter armour would be free and the Iron Eagle (still can’t believe Kaiserreich power armour is a thing :smile:) is our fracture event.

So what’s the Season 2 core? Surely they can’t just put mark 7 stuff in and if it was Mark VB then we already got that in Season 1 so there would be less value in the BP. Either I’d be asked to buy MarkVB twice or I am not getting a new armour core with the BP.

I reckon there might be another armour core. Either:

  • Chiefs armour from campaign.
  • Silver Team from the TV show. There is game concept art for this. Not sure why they would not have announced this at release of the TV show but; not impossible.
  • I am wrong and it is Headhunter :smile:

Also, they mentioned about story themed events. It could be that like how we got Noble Teams equipment it might be that those two Headhunter Spartans we see each have their own event where we unlock their armour set.

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As far as I understood it the “Lone Wolves” Armor Core will be in the BP (which is the role the Mark V(B) occupied in Season 1). The Iron Eagle Core will be what Yoroi was in Season 1.

I don’t see them adding any other cores. We’ll likely get a bit of Mark 7 stuff in the BP (same as we did in Season 1). Going by how they dealt with it in Season 1 I would assume that those two Spartan’s armors will arrive the same way (in the BP ) as the Noble 6 armor sets.

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Does this imply there will be 1-2 new armor cores every season, because that will add up fast.

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That’s the main issue. 343 dreamed too big, and can’t keep up with the content. They wanted 4 seasons per year, with 3 events and a fracture per battle pass season, but looks like that will be cut in half now. Even the shop items are still being recycled and delayed. Instead of 8 new cores per year, we might get 4 cores per year, or maybe even 2 cores per year after year 3, and just have junk cosmetics added to older cores in future battle passes. There’s no way we could have ever had 80 cores over 10 years. Super unrealistic to try to introduce a canon core and fracture core every 3 months per season for 10 years. Even having 20 cores would suck.

They would be smart to just give in and reenable cross-core. I’m not trying to Pokemon all the armor cores. You can only wear one core at a time anyway, so may as well just work on a favorite core. The more junk they add that I’ll never buy or wear, the more storage this game will waste, until I need a 10 TB external drive just to run Halo Infinite and support all the microtransaction objects other people may or may not have. I had to delete MCC the other day for wasting too much space, to make room for other games I want to play. Can’t imagine Infinite in 10 years with how poorly optimized it is. That’s the whole reason Destiny 2 keeps having to sunset older content.


Is Headhunter armor the same as Lone Wolves armor? Anyway, from what I’ve seen from the concept art, the armor can just be added to the Mark VII armor core i.m.o. The same can be done with the potential Silver Team armor.

I don’t feel every ‘Mark’ related armor should get it’s own armor core. I If we indeed get 1-3 armor cores per season, we will be drowning in armor cores in no time. And with no cross core visor colors and armor coatings, I’m not really looking forward to that.

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Yes. The Spartan Headhunter is the name they gave to the soldiers whilst the event is Lone Wolves.

I mean, Cod MW has a huge file size and Infinite has a pretty small size comparatively

Where did they say that?

Why not?
Are we just gonna abandon older cores after their “season” is over? That seems incredibly stupid to me

In the announcement they mention that’s part of the lore around the armour.

Because it won’t be a full value battle pass. I’d either be buying Mark VB again or people without Mark VB won’t get benefit. Plus I appreciate new stuff.

Yeah, it’s part of the lore around the armor, no where did they say that was what the core was called.

They can just add the MK (V) core to it as an unlock at the beginning again, as well as have MK. VII armor in there as well.
Besides, if they do infact add in crosscore armor for S2 (I’m hoping) than it won’t matter if you have the core or not

My problem with the mk v core is they stopped releasing new colors and pieces for it months ago. Since then its pretty much been all mk vii. I feel like we will never get anything new for mk v other than a color that comes in a pack with a mk vii color.

It makes the battle pass even more pointless when everyones mk v armor looks the same as it did in december/ january when most people completed the battle pass.

The same thing will probably happen each season when they release a new core tied to the battle pass

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It would be cool for Lone Wolves to be its own core, but I think it might just be for MK VII, maybe new MK V[B], but I don’t know. We are still missing a lot of MK V[B] armors and I really don’t want to use the shop for them.

Partially because Infinite currently has no content

Whether it happens or not, they said in interviews they want to eventually port everything from past Halo titles like MCC. Every armor, every weapon, every map

According to them anyway

Stack a bunch of garbage microtransactions and 50 cores or whatever, and you have a massive game storage size in 10 years wasting space. RIP Consoles.

The Lone Wolves are Spartans Sigrid Eklund and Hieu Dinh, who will be featured in the seasonal cinematic alongside Spartan Laurette Agryna.

Spartans Sigrid and Hieu will be wearing the Battle Pass Armor Core (name currently unconfirmed as either Headhunter or Lone Wolf or some other name)

Fractures Iron Eagle will give us the Entrenched Armor Core. This name has been confirmed.

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The “Lone wolf” series will most likely be its own core with most items in the battle pass being specific for that core and will probably result with 5 “Lone wolf” sets akin to Commando, ODST, and EVA for the MK V[B], with 1 or two other full bundles being added to store rotation.

Let’s add MCC’s size onto Infinite then, which will take like 4-5 years probably.
That is still less than MW.
In 4-5 years, if your system can’t hold 140 or less, than that’s a you problem imo

*Take everything in MCC and improve them all by remaking them with more polygons and higher textures.

Xbox and 360 stuff wasn’t exactly demanding. You’re not taking the models straight out of CE and putting them into Halo Infinite

I mean it would be pretty funny if we had Halo CE original low quality low polygon armor, that would be hilarious, but I don’t think they are going to actually do that

Also slap all of Halo 5 on top too. Maybe even other Halo titles content like Wars. They really got to stretch out that 10 years of content

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I mean, like I said, if your system can’t handle that, then you need to upgrade.

I’m suggesting Xbox One is going to get dropped and maybe Series S, where Infinite will only support X and PC by the end of 10 years

It probably would get dropped anyway in favor of a graphics overhaul, most games with long lifespans do that

Besides, if you still have the Xbox One or Series S in 10 years, again, you chose not to upgrade your system.

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I can definitely vouch since Destiny dropped 360 support after only 3 years. Xbox One is holding back Infinite

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