Season 1 conclusion Feedback

So after nearly half a year into infinite. I have some more Feedback to provide.
I was formerly known as x SyTeK x , you may have read my huge feedback post in the past.

So this post will be more about the matchmaking, customization and the challenge/rewarding system.
The Post will be structured as followed, I will mention the problem and explain why I see it as a problem afterwards I will present my solution for said problem…
So here we go:

  • There is just the premium currency (until season 2 only avaiable up on purchase)
    → Currency that is earned while playing is needed.
    Halo-Games used to be an achive to unlock game. But Infinit is buy to collect and do challenges (which also have an issue I will come up later)
    NOTE : This is not going to be another old times were better post, you may see pop up a lot.
    But the game used to reward players for doing achivments in the game, sure the challanges do the same thing with the weekly reward BUT there are 2 huge problems I have/see there:
    1. Players are forced to play every week to unlock everything, that is free, in the game.
    NOTE : For me, who is in love with Halo since day 1 completion is a thing and I am sure, I am not the only one.
    So holidays that are longer than 6 days are impossible without loosing an Item…
    To be honest I really hate the concept of modern games with dailys and weeklys, monthlys somehow are okay since players have 4 weeks to do them.
    I would like to take a look on a good example when it comes to daily/weekly challanges, rewarding and ingame currencys.
    Apex Legends It has a buyable premium currency which is obtainable by spending money, doing the Battle Pass and Event Challanges.
    there is a non premium currency that is earned by levling up.
    and a substitute currency that is earned if you get an item from a box that you have already unlocked.
    You can use the non premium currency to buy the new champ that comes out every season, you can also buy variants for a premium skin if you have unlocked it by a lootbox or bought it earlier.
    The replacment and premium currency is used to buy skins.
    The dailys and weeklys are just adding to the Battlepass Progression. Event challanges can unlock special event lootboxes and sometimes skins. and most of the skins have a comeback 2/3 times a year so that players who have missed the event can buy them.
    2. The Challange-system itself is a pain, in the past weeks I had my problems to do the challanges, for example I had the challange to do kills in tactical slayer with the BR, I got into 50 games, no BR… (so i did the challange swap to get something more universal) to complete the event with a lot of play time I had to use a lot of my challange swaps to complete the event challanges.
    → Result is the challange system can be a huge pain to players because you just dont get into the mode that you need to play to fullfill the challamge wich leads to spending money for swaps if you run out of the free swaps from the Battlepass oder events. This is definitely not what should be intended by the devs. Because that means free stuff is not free anymore.
    Solution: not so specific challenges, free swaps each week, all weekly challenges can be done from the beginning so that we have more time for the challenges, add „Team objective“ als Playlist

  • The customization is a shadow from itself, I mean prefabricated colors? That is a huge step backwards. The most fun was to design my spartan and express myself, in combination with the armor core system and the lack of armor parts there is not a lot room for individuality.
    Solution: simple idea: Sell us a coating, that lets us color the coating aspects from a standard color palette and sell us from time to time special colors like metallic, vinyl or peal effect. advanced idea: Let us choose the color for each armor part (each single part)
    Same goes for the emblems, give us the option to dye them ourself. Maybe let us design them our self. Maybe players could trade their spartan designs/emblem designs for infame currency on a marketplace like in Forza Horizon.
    NOTE: Since the MP is free to play they need some way to monetize.

  • The matchmaking does not have any more problems (after that huge BTB problem was fixed) but it could be improved as followed:

  1. Map & Mode selection before the match. Once the Lobby is put together with players let them vote between 3 random map and mode combinations and „random“ within 10-15 seconds. This could help players with the challenges, since they can influence what they are going to play and will make each match more fun.
  2. Keep the Lobby together, why always start a new search? If the Lobby is fun let them stick together and let them go into the next matchmaking after 30 seconds together.
    This will help the community to make new friends. (Which was for me a huge point of Halo, I made lots of friends during my childhood)
  3. Add some more playlists like „Team Objective“ „FFA Fiesta“ „Lone Wolves“ (FFA Ranked) „Team Snipers“ „BTB Slayer“ „BTB Objective“ Ranked version of Tactical Slayer and Team Snipers.
  • Custom match: The mode editor is not really open there is a lot missing. For example we can not set up a Free for All Fiesta mode or a Fiesta with 4 Teams. There needs to be improvements. Because the community can help with fun modes while we wait for forge.

This is it, I thank you for the time you took reading this! I hope you agree with me in a lot of points and I hope you will add some Ideas to this and keep it going so that the devs see that we have ideas also in their interest and that we would like top help improve the game.
Greetings Draceda