Searching for Team or clan

hello everyone I am Toussaint v1,

I am searching for a team of three or how many ever that is wanting to play game together or that does. Evens a clan. Does not matter, I am just looking for people to play with. I do not use a mic at the moment because it broke and I can’t afford one right now but I can hear call outs. I am not the best slayer but I can help with objective type games or assisting in slayer. If you are interested just hit me up in a message. AGAIN I DO NOT HAVE A MIC AT THE MOMENT.

Not a spartan company but a game battles team a small group of 9 or less.

youngblood gamma’s has 2 active members, we’re really into warzone with a bit of arena. If you can’t find a clan feel free to join us - we are a beginners clan.

Good lick finding a company dude.

I sent an invite but then read you weren’t looking for a company, sorry man, but the offer stands if you eventually start looking for a company.

Honestly I just need a team of people that are at least platinum. Unless someone wants to start a small team to play together.