like is multiplayer borken or something??



Yes it is broken since the Windows 10 update . Good luck getting 343 to respond to anything. I’ve been trying to get answers since this game has been released.

I bought the game last week. Its been very hit and miss. Today, I have had no luck joining a game. Stuck at “players found” for 3 minutes and then the search restarts… Im based in NZ.

I’ve been trying for 3 days and couldn’t even match any players. Now I have a few players found but it doesn’t go beyond that. Frustrating!! I’m based in Canada, I always seem to have issues with this game. Slow matchmaking, or game freezes. I miss halo 3 :disappointed_relieved:

I’m in Boston and the last three days I’ve spent about three hours sitting in matchmaking looking to find a game and have not found one. This needs to be fixed.

I just teamed up with a guy, and couldn’t get any games after that. 343 are forcing people to play the inferior halo 5.


I was searching for players for days. It would search for players, find players, wouldn’t load them, and then repeat the cycle. Couldn’t get a multiplayer MCC game to load for the past five days. Contacted xbox support tonight and they had me do two things: remove my xbox live account from my xbox, and then add it again, followed by uninstalling the master chief collection and then reinstalling it. Restarted the machine and it worked like a dream!! Loaded many games this evening.

Sort this out!

it just takes a while to get a game because hardly anybody is playing anymore. To top that off, multiplayer was always a bit slow to find people.