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Hi Halo fans,

I have bought an XSX (and came from a PS 4), mostly because of Halo. I used to play Halo 1/2/3/Reach on my xbox/xbox 360 which I loved playing online (and I used to be pretty good actually).

Now I just couldn’t wait to play Halo MCC on 120hZ and 4K (owning al LG Oled C9) and I am pushing my buddies from back in the days to buy an XSX as well (2 already ordered them) and now I was trying to warm myself up for the kills…

The big problem is, I can barely find any games and I have checked the internet regarding my settings and they should be correct. I use social games and then I try any playlist (4vs4/8vs8) and all Halo games are included. I toggled relay on/off and I did disable any platform-based games (so I chose to do crossplay I believe). I am living in Western Europe and during the evening, there is no chance for me to find any games. I think I have only played a total number of 5 online games, while I tried playing on many different nights.

Is there anything you can do to assist? This sucks to be honest… Is the game still played?

Did you ever figure this out? I’m on an Xbox Series S and run into this problem if I try to play multiplayer around ~9pm PST or later. In the past, I’ve spent 30 minutes trying to find a match to no avail. Similar to yourself, I’ve literally tried to play ANY game mode and it still doesn’t connect me with other players. Total bummer! I honestly find it hard to believe that there is nobody playing Halo CE through Halo 4 (all the versions of Halo bundled into MCC) during those particular times. Especially considering that people are playing on both, the PC and Xbox. Mind-boggling that the Xbox online community just vanishes late at night.

Anyhow, I just set up an account on here to share that this continues to be a problem. I’m based out of Northern California in case that helps anybody figure out a trend on why some of us run into this issue.

I think quick resume is the issue here… I did a forced close of Halo and when I tried again, I found games easily…

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> I think quick resume is the issue here… I did a forced close of Halo and when I tried again, I found games easily…

How long do you leave your game running for? It could’ve been an update came and your game was still running and everyone had updated while yours was pending and when you had closed the game depending how long since you relaunched it, an update could have occurred. For me the best advice has been given is to make sure everything is up to date and that the Xbox Networking tool in the start menu is ran prior to launching the game to make sure everything is optimal.